About Me

Welcome! I am delighted that you have found my blog. I’d like to share a little about myself with you, dear reader.

I believe Christ died an excruciating death on the cross to take my place. I don’t deserve this grace, but I am thankful for it and humbled by it daily. I pray that I always point toward Christ in my writing, my daily life, my spoken words, and my actions. It’s not about me or for me, really.

I am the wife of a wonderful man who works hard to provide for our family. Between us we have 5 kids. I amuse myself with the thought that we each have 3, but there are only 5 kids. I’m silly that way.

Of the 5 kids we have, 4 of them are boys and 1 is a girl. The girl is the “ours” baby (her brothers are quite fond of her, as are we). 2 of the boys are with us full-time, and they visit their dad every other weekend or so. 1 of the boys goes back and forth between our home and his mom’s freely. 1 of the boys does not get to spend much time with us right now, regrettably.

We have dogs and a rat for pets. Everyone pitches in to take care of the dogs, but the oldest boy claims the rat. In fact, he gets upset if the littler boys mess with the rat. Oh, and I hate rodent pets. Very much so, but I have learned some about rats, and even successfully helped bathe ours the other day.

We want to break the cycle of divorce and show our kids that marriages really can last if you work at them. We are intentional about investing in our relationship. It is my hope that by being honest and sharing the good and the bad here, I can encourage other wives (and even husbands) to invest in their relationship, too.

We believe strongly in intentional parenting. Another hope of mine is that parents can learn here, from the good, bad and ugly that happens in our life.

I love to cook and bake, but I don’t ever remember to take pictures to share. I do think will start a page of recipes for your enjoyment. This is not a promise, so if it doesn’t happen, you cannot send me hate mail.

I am human. I make mistakes. I miss the mark. I ask that you bear with me if I offend you. I will try to always be honest in my writing, whether good, bad or ugly. I will try to be transparent, even if my fingers tremble as I type. Most importantly, I hope my writing inspires something within you, whether to grow, or to avoid a mistake I’ve made, or try something new.

Enjoy, dear reader, for I write as much for you as I do for myself.

Please share your thoughts!

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